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 On behalf of the members of the Middleboro Lodge of Elks I welcome you. We are a vital link in the fraternal chain of Lodges of the Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks, U.S.A. Our Lodge was Chartered by the Grand Lodge in 1912. We are located at 24 High Street in the heart of Middleboro, Massachusetts, halfway between Boston and Cape Cod. The Lodge is a also one of the eight Lodges of the Massachusetts South District, and member of the Massachusetts State Elks Association.

Ronald L. Hicks
Grand Exalted Ruler
Fredericks VA#875

Edgar G. Simoneau
District Deputy G.E.R.

Wareham/New Bedford #79
MA South    2015 - 2016

Jeff Hopkins
MA Elks President Fall River #118

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Sean Noel
Exalted Ruler

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May At A Glance

  As we roll into May, we will hopefully see some warmer temperatures and some consistently nice weather as Spring takes hold (we hope) here in New England! Spring always brings with it new beginnings; new growth on the trees and in our flower beds, and hopefully a new excitement for doing things around the lodge and in our community.

  Many of you know that our lodge has done an excellent job of taking advantage of the Grant Programs available from the Grand Lodge. With the help of Grants Coordinator Paul Hinchcliffe we have been able to receive close to $10,000 annually to be used to directly help the citizens of Middleboro and the surrounding towns. This is money that we no longer have to ask you –our members –to donate directly through fundraising efforts in order to continue to maintain our charitable works.

 I must let you know however, that obtaining the grant funds is only the beginning. Creating programs for the community, AND FINDING VOLUNTEERS TO LAUNCH AND MAINTAIN THOSE PROGRAMS are the real meat and potatoes of the operation. Community Investment is notjust about money; it is about helping a group of Special Needs children, helping our veterans, and helping teenagers who might be struggling a little find their path to becoming a productive member of our community. These things require people who care, as well as the resources to create something positive.

  We get more out of Elkdom than we ever put into it, and that continues to be true as you increase your activity within the lodge. I strongly encourage you to find a few hours of your time, once or twice a YEAR! That is all it takes in most cases if enough people care, and I know that we have plenty of those people around our lodge!

 Until next month –Keep an eye out for giraffes, it means you have an Angel watching over you

          Sean Noel Exalted Ruler 2016-2017

G.E.R. Message

Per Association

May 3rd Interviewing 7:00pm

May 4th Board of Directors Meeting      6:00pm & Members’ Meeting 7:30pm

May 5th Cinco de Mayo

May 6th Friday Night Supper 5:30pm,

             & Entertainment

May 7th Kentucky Derby

May 8th Mother’s Day Breakfast &            Ceremony 9:00am

May 11th Wednesday Night Supper        6:30pm & Indoctrination

May 13th Friday Night Supper 5:30pm &

    Meat Raffles (2) Starts @ 7:00pm

May 15th House Committee Mtg 11:00am

May 18th Board of Directors Mtg 6:00pm’

    Members’ Meeting 7:30pm & Initiation

May 20th Friday Night Supper 5:30pm

             & Entertainment

May 21st Preakness Stakes

May 25th Wednesday Night Supper 6:30pm

May 27th Friday Night Supper 5:30pm &

   Meat Raffles (2) Starts @ 7:00pm

May 30th Memorial Day

Function Rentals

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Noel Golf Tourney

Join us for our Annual

Flag Day Ceremony

 Patriotism has characterized the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the United States of America since the early days of the organization. Allegiance to the flag of our country is a requirement of every member. In 1907, the Grand Lodge of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks designated, by resolution, June 14 as Flag Day. The Grand Lodge of the Order adopted mandatory observance of the occasion by every Lodge in 1911, and that requirement continues. The Elks prompted President Woodrow Wilson to recognize the Order's observance of Flag Day for its patriotic expression. But it was not until 1949 when President Harry Truman, himself a member of the Elks, made the proclamation that thereafter June 14 would be a day of national observance for the symbol of our country. It was through his Elks Lodge in Independence, Missouri, that President Truman got the idea for a national observance of Flag Day.

June 14 - 7:00 pm
Everyone Invited !
Outside Lodge Main Entrance
Refreshments to Follow

Fathers’ Day Breakfast

Give Dad A Break!
Sunday June 19th
9 - 11 am
Adults $7.00
Kids (-12) $4.00

Dads of Elks Eat Free