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Exalted Ruler’s Message

 “Time sure flies when you’re having fun!” I think that we’ve all heard this and in Elkdom, it doesn’t take long before it’s time for a whole new slate of officers.  Next month, at our first regular meeting, we will be taking nominations for all of our officers: Exalted Ruler, Leading Knight, Loyal Knight, Lecturing Knight, Secretary, Treasurer, 5 year Trustee and Inner Guard.Due to a vote at the convention this summer, the Tiler will now become an appointed position along with Esquire and Chaplain. So, if you are interested in any of these offices, please attend the February 4th meeting for nominations. Of special interest is the position of Treasurer (see the ad in the bulletin)!

   I believe that we have had a very successful year this year with the help of all my officers, House Committee, and volunteers that help assure the success of the lodge.We have raised our fair share for scholarships, ENF, and other worthy causes proving that Elks Care, Middleboro Shares! But the year is not over yet!!!  We still need new members to have a positive year as we had nearly a dozen members pass away this year! I am asking EVERYONE to consider sponsoring someone and we will do our best to get them into either the February (PER Night) Initiation on February 20th or a special Initiation in March.

   Also, please note that it is that time of year to pay your dues as well. This year, the dues have DECREASED by 50 cents, so Regular members pay $71.50 and Honorary and Life Members pay $24.50. Please think of also adding a $10 payment to ENF as we have done well in recouping our money in various grants that have helped the community, our children and our veterans.

  Finally, check out this bulletin and come attend some of the various events that will be taking place. Just a couple: German Night on Saturday, January 17th, Hypnotist George Martin, PDD will be doing a show here the following Saturday, January 24th and of course there will be football pool parties, playoffs and preparation for the Super Bowl! Get involved in your lodge!!!

Chris Larrivey

Exalted Ruler 2014-2015

January 2015