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Exalted Ruler’s Message

 Grand Exalted Ruler John D. Amen has as his motto this year, “Elks: Elevating America.”And, to that, he adds, “Elks elevate, or lift up America by their good works in their communities.”We here at the Middleboro lodge are doing our best to lead by example.Our Grants Coordinator, Paul Hinchcliffe, has been able to obtain various grants from Grand Lodge due to our meeting the per capita goal of $4.60 per member.With the monies that we have received, we have been able to help the less fortunate in our community with events like hosting the Challenger Division baseball members, giving dictionaries to area third graders, and helping to build a new shed at the high school.But to do all of this takes volunteers –and that is where you all come into play.

 I am assigning everyone that reads this to the membership committee –I am asking you to bring in a new member before the end ofmy term as exalted ruler.Additionally, I would like to get our lapsation rate down to under 2% (currently, that would mean under 16 members delinquent).That can happen in one of two ways:we decrease the number of delinquents or we add new members.In order to help decrease the numbers of delinquents, I have asked that a list of those that are overdue on their dues to be put in the bulletin and posted in the lodge.If you see your name (or the name of someone you know or sponsored) on the list, please let us know if you plan to pay your duessothat we can take you off the list.This will help our lodge financially and keep you in good status with the lodge.Also, if you are not planning on paying them, we would like to know why so that maybe we can help rectify the situation for you or for others in the future.

 Finally, while it would take almost 4 times as many members as we have today to sustain the current number of delinquents (63asof this writing), we still cannot do all of this without newer (and hopefully younger) members.We need to show our younger generation all the good things we do as Elks and encourage them to join our wonderful organization!So far this year, I have brought in my daughter as a new member and she, in turn, has brought in my wife, so we, as a family are doing our part.How about you?Have you brought in anyone this year?If not, why not?How do you get people to become members?You ask them.

Chris Larrivey

Exalted Ruler 2014-2015

October 2014