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Middleboro Lodge of Elks #1274
24 High Street, Middleboro, MA 02346
Who We Are
Where We Are
     Elks are community. No matter where you go in the country, an Elks Lodge is right around the corner. With more than 850,000 members and 2,000 Lodges nationwide, Elks are providing charitable services that help build sronger communities.

"Cranberry Capital of the World"


Randy P. Shook

Grand Exalted Ruler


Lodge 2206



Steve Hardy

State President

Maynard/Clinton 1568

2023 - 2024

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Randy Hodge
Exalted Ruler 

Lodge Officers


Exalted Ruler - Randy Hodge

Leading Knight - Daniel Ricker

Loyal Knight - Laura O'Connor

Lecturing Knight - Paul Thibideau

Secretary - Elizabeth West

Treasurer - Janine Hodge

Esquire - Shawn O'Connor PER

Inner Guard - Dawn Craig

Tiler - TBA

Chaplain - Richard Tinkham



William Morin PDDTrustee

Wally Glendye HLM Trustee

Patrick Rooney PDD Trustee

Dennis Cullity Trustee

Robert  Adams Trustee



 Lodge Telephone  - 508-947-0190

Postal - 24 High Street, Middleboro, MA 02346

Exalted Ruler - elks1274er@gmail.com

Secretary - secretary1274@gmail.com

Treasurer - treasurer1274@ hotmail.com 

Bulletin Editor - bulletin1274@gmail.com

Webmaster - frank_rooney@hotmail.com

Function Manager - Call: 508-947-0190

House Cmtee - housecommittee1274@gmail.com



Members and Guests

Please join us for our delicious mid-day meals.

Tuesday - Friday

11:30 a.m - 1:30 pm

Daily Specials

Tasty Sandwiches - Fresh Side Items - Bread - Wraps


Bingo is held every Monday night except the following holidays that fall on a Monday night:
Christmas - New Years Day - Memorial Day - 4th of July
First Come - First Served - No Reserving of Seats       -      Food & non alcohlic beverages available and sold at the Snack Bar
Inclement Weather Policy: No Bingo if Middleboro Schools are Closed
   "On behalf of the members of the Middleboro Lodge of Elks I welcome you.      We are a vital link in the fraternal chain of Lodges of the great and Benevolent & Protective Order of Elks, U.S.A. Our Lodge was Chartered by the Grand Lodge in 1912.
Elks Grants

    We accomplish charitable objectives and fund projects that improve the quality of life in our local Elks communities, and in turn the Elks community as a whole.
   We are the premier charitable and patriotic organization in the United States. With nearly, 800,000 Members working towards this greater goal, no wonder why the Elks are referred to as the Best People On Earth.
   The Order spends more than $80,000,000 every year for benevolent, educational and patriotic community-minded programs in such fields as benefitting special needs children, sponsoring Elks National Foundation scholarships, scouting, athletic teams, veterans' works, a national "Hoop Shoot" free-throw contest involving more than 3 million children, physical and occupational therapy programs and patriotic programs.
   The youth of our country have always been important to the Order. It is for this reason the Elks Drug Awareness Education Program was launched to warn primary grade students and their parents of the dangers in drug use. Additionally, every lodge observes June 14th as Flag Day, a tradition which the Elks began in 1907 and was later adopted by the Congress as an official observance.
    We pledge never to forget our Veterans. Our programs help special needs children, and our nation’s youth with scholarships and drug prevention programs.
   We offer countless opportunities for social activities and new friendships.
   Why not Join us in service to your community!
What We Do
Your'e Invited !
#1274 Elk Riders
President: Surge Loiselle
Vice Presidient: Judy Sagner Cooney

Secretary: Mary Ann Metivier
Financial Secretary: Tina Bettencourt
SGT at Arms: Rich Ewell
The Riders meetings are on the 4th Wednesday of every month at 730 pm.
" if you are interested in joining the riders, stop in at a monthly meeting and speak with a member or one of the officers."

On December 1st, the Lodge held its Annual Memorial Sunday Service. We were joined by family members and friends of our Departed Members. The Officers performed an admirable and memorable rendition of the Service as prescribed by the Grand Lodge.
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   The mission of the Elks National Foundation is to help Elks build stronger communities.
   We fulfill this pledge by investing in communities where Elks live and work.
   We provide tomorrow’s leaders, our youth, with lifelong skills; meet the needs of today's veterans; help the state Elks associations accomplish their charitable objectives; and fund projects that improve the quality of life in local Elks communities.
   The Foundation's budget for program services in the 2023-24 fiscal year totals $39.9  million.
Community Investments                $15.9 million
State Elks Association Grants $10.6 million
Scholarship Programs                      $4.6 million
Elks National Veterans Service           $5 million
Elks Hoop Shoot                               $1.4 million
Elks Drug Awareness Program            $890,450
Elks Memorial Building                         $720,030